Test Specification For Plastic Coated Bearings
Test Specification For Plastic Coated Bearings
9 Factors That Must Be Considered In Bearing Selection
9 Factors That Must Be Considered In Bearing Selection

What Are The Natural Advantages Of Air Bearing

Air floating fag bearing (also known as air bearing) refers to sliding bearing with gas (usually air, but it may also be other gases) as a lubricant. Air has less viscosity than oil, high-temperature resistance and no pollution, but its load capacity is lower than oil.

Based on the inherent properties of air (low viscosity and little change with temperature, radiation resistance, etc.), air bearing shows unique advantages in the occasions of high speed, low friction, high temperature, low temperature and radiation. For example, in the technologies of high-speed grinding head, high-speed centrifugal separator, gyro instrument, compressor for cooling the atomic reactor, high-speed blower and electronic computer memory device, due to the use of air bearing, the difficulties that cannot be solved by using rolling bearing or oil film bearing are broken through.

The following are the advantages of air bearing:

Higher accuracy

Air floating ina bearings provide extremely high radial and axial rotation accuracy. Since there is no mechanical contact, the degree of wear is reduced to a low level, so as to ensure that the accuracy is always stable.

High speed

The low shear force inside the air bearing can not only provide very high speed but also reduce the power loss and reduce the heat generated. The speed can exceed 300000 rpm.

Increase tool life

The use of air bearing means that the service life of the tool can be greatly extended. Lower vibration and higher rotation accuracy mean that drill bits, cutters, grinding wheels, and drilling tools will have a longer life – reducing maintenance and operation costs.

What Are The Natural Advantages Of Air Bearing


Improve surface luminosity

The application of air floating NSK bearing spindle (such as semiconductor processing) provides smooth, accurate and repeatable movement – making the surface luminosity better.

Extend bearing life
There is no metal to metal contact inside the bearing. If the supplied air is clean and there is no oil and water, it will ensure virtually unlimited service life. In addition, due to the nature of the operation, the air bearing will continuously discharge air from the tail of the bearing, which forms a natural barrier to prevent the entry of external harmful pollutants (such as raw material fragments or cutting fluid). This increases the utilization of the machine and reduces downtime, thereby improving the overall efficiency.

The temperature rises slowly

Due to many factors (such as low friction, stable airflow, and effective power transmission), the thermal effect of the spindle rotor is very small. In addition, the selection of special materials and structural methods, as well as the internal liquid cooling pipe, almost completely eliminates the temperature rise, so there is no need for preheating stage.

Reduce maintenance

In general, regular inspection of the air supply is sufficient to ensure complete bearing reliability. If the spindle operates under the conditions specified in the design specification, the spindle has a long operating life. General maintenance usually includes ensuring that air and water supplies are kept clean and to the correct standards.

Increase load capacity

Air bearings can support large loads, so they can be used in mechanical tools in many industries.

Reduce vibration

When the air floating NTN bearing spindle is running, it only produces small amplitude vibration and audible noise. Due to the high balance standard and no mechanical contact, the vibration amplitude and audible noise produced by the air bearing spindle are small.


The lubricant used in air bearing is air. Therefore, air bearing technology is ideal for workpieces or working environments that must be pollution-free. After removing grease, oil and oil mist from the air environment, the conditions of using air bearing spindle will remain cleaner.