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Linqing Baigong Bearing Co., Ltd. mainly produces non-standard bearings, non-standard national standard bushings, non-standard deep groove ball bearings, non-standard idler bearings, non-standard special model shafts, non-standard bearings, non-standard agricultural machinery bearings, non-standard rollers Bearings, non-standard guide wheel bearings, non-standard assembly line bearings, deep groove ball series bearings, mine roller bearings, various types of bearing rings, are widely used in automobiles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery and other industries.


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"Stable product quality, creating a first-class enterprise, and satisfying customers' needs for use" is the company's unremitting pursuit,
and "customer first, reputation first" is our company's eternal purpose.

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    The company will provide users with all-day telephone technical responses to help users solve any problems encountered in the product and system.

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    Whether it is pre-sale or after-sales, we will provide you with the best service to let you know and use our products more quickly.

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    As long as you choose our products, they will be provided free of charge and guide you to use, and will be delivered as quickly as possible.


Latest News

  • Non-standard bearings have gradually become the key basic components

    Non-standard bearings Bearings are important and key basic components in the equipment manufacturing industry, which directly determine the performance, quality and reliability of major equipment and host products, and are known as the “heart” components of equipment manufacturing. Af.../p>

  • How to check the appearance of non-standard bearings

    All kinds of mechanical scars, such as abrasions, scratches, pressure injuries, bruises, etc., will cause poor bearing installation, cause eccentric loads and stress concentration, and cause a decrease in rotation accuracy and service life. Corrosion, black skin, and pitting, the latter two are d.../p>