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Sum Frequency And Difference Frequency - Rolling Bearing
Sum Frequency And Difference Frequency – Rolling Bearing

The Difference Between German Imported Ina Linear Bearings And Domestic Linear Bearings

The difference between imported INA linear bearings in Germany and domestic linear bearings
With the development of society, the progress of the times, the improvement of people’s living standards; people slowly like to travel abroad, with the things also like to use imported, linear bearings are no exception. So, what is the difference between the German INA imported linear bearings and our domestic linear bearings? Today we will look at the difference between the two of them where, why people will increasingly like to import things!

Linear Bearings

1, The Difference Between The Model

With the advent of internationalization, domestic bearing codes gradually converge with imported bearing codes, and the newly published national standards show that domestic codes are basically the same as the international ISO standards.
Bearings on the logo, such as the famous domestic bearing is generally the Harbin bearing code (HRB) and Luoyang shaft code (LYC) is basically this, each bearing in addition to the numerical code indicates the bearing model have a phonetic symbol on behalf of the origin, if you if the mechanical industry should know people from the origin.

2, For Life

although the service life of imported bearings than domestic long, but if the ordinary machine in the precision requirements are not very high in the case of domestic can. Now the domestic such as HRB, ZWZ and other large manufacturers of bearings are very good quality, the price is also suitable to live with, but in the requirements of precision or imported good points.

3、Other Aspects

Compared with domestic bearings, imported bearings are generally better material than domestic, heat treatment process is more advanced than domestic, manufacturing precision, manufacturing and assembly process is more reasonable, and long life, of course, the price is also higher. And imported bearings are generally more genuine. There is also an important point is that it is marked above are not Chinese, there may be many people can not read.
This is the difference between the German INA imported linear bearings and domestic linear bearings, so the imported things certainly have their benefits.